Claims Process

Humber Services Claims Process

In the unfortunate event that any property damage has been caused by our crews, we do have a claims procedure to follow in order to get any issues sorted as promptly as possible. 

Any claims must be reported to Lee Smith ( within 48 hours of the incident. This can be reported to ourselves, or one of the suppliers we deliver on behalf of. We do prefer all claims to be written in an email, alongside any proof of damage caused. 

Claims must include property damage which proves our crews are liable for the damage. I.e. video of incident, or recorded on our POD app system. If images are taken, please ensure we have a clear understanding of the issue our delivery crews have caused. 

Under our Delivery T&C's, we state that items that are obstructing the delivery path are removed prior to our visit. If items are damaged which were obscuring the path, Humber Services won't accept any liability for. 

Under our Delivery T&C's, flooring is to be covered prior to your delivery crews arriving on site. This includes the path of entry, right the way through to the room of choice. If this isn't the case, then we accept no liability for the damage. Of course, our delivery experts will ask for a waiver form to be signed, if floor covers haven't been laid out prior to Assembly. 

If there is a fault with your items, we advise that you contact the retailer you have purchased the goods from. They will send a technician to assess the fault. Or alternatively you have the right to reject the goods at point of delivery.