About Us

Where did it all start?

Humber Services specialises in logistics for the white glove delivery service. We are currently leading the way in offering the niche of expertise within this sector.

The business is directed by Mark Riby and Alex Brown.

Humber Services was founded in April 2021 by Mark Riby, working closely with Alex Brown. Together the business has grown into one of the most renowned white glove service for the leading retailers in the business. 

Meet our Team

We believe its important to show the structure of our company, so when we
finally get to meet you, you can always put a face to a name. Our organisation chart to the left, shows you exactly who you need to speak to on your visit to HS HQ. 

Customer Services

Our customer service department based at our Head Office in Rotherham supports both our drivers and our third party customers, to offer the most welcoming call whether its your first or the many times you need to get in touch. 
We have a very approachable communication channel, where the team can approach all the way up to director level where required, to aid any queries you may have.

Our system will be able to keep customers up to date, with live tracking, but rest assured if your not tech savvy, our team can also provide real time updates to where your goods are. 

In House Technology

Since the start of the Humber we have invested heavily in our technology. We can provide real time tracking to our customers no matter the time of day. All our vehicles are GPS tracked, and are integrated into our portal. Our system provides a 3 hour time window the day before, however with the real time technology, this allows the time slots to update where required, to ensure the customer is always kept up to date regardless of the situation. Our systems are flexible and can be integrated with a variety of electronic data platforms, and we offer a wide range of options for customer data integration. This enables us to receive data in a wide range of formats including EDI and email.
We keep in touch throughout the day with our drivers via their in cab phone.
Proof of delivery is signed and a minimum of 4 images per white glove service are sent to our suppliers customer, via the portal or via their tracking app.