Riser Recliner Repair

Our years of experience will show with the unmatched quality of our Riser Recliner Repairs

Why choose Humber Services for your Rise and Recline Repairs? 

Technical faults and wear and tear can happen over time, which is why if you want to sustain your favourite chair, Humber Services can help. We also strive to help retailers with any failing mech or motor issues. 

Our Technicians have years of experience to provide the most experience in the market. 

  1. Our technicians have experience over a wide range of leather and fabric Rise and Recline chairs. Extending to swivel and pivot actions
  2. Our technicians can be at your property to give an initial examination within the current working week.
  3. Our technicians have many years of experience and robust experiences in the current market chairs.
  4. This will ensure you get to relive your most beloved chairs for years to come